As Signature tenants, Chandelle Members may request a badge from ABIA for vehicle access to the T-hangars. This allows you to use the gate by the T-hangars instead instead of the one at the FBO.

To begin the process, bring a government ID AND a document that establishes legal residence, such as a passport, green card, or social security card to Signature’s front desk. They will verify your identification and provide an authorization letter. The letter must be signed by Signature’s general manager, so call or email ahead to make sure they’re in the office.

Next, bring the same identification documents and the authorization letter to the ABIA badging office. It’s located in the new Blue Parking garage, past the long term parking but before the short term parking, check out north dallas maids. The badging office can validate parking tickets if you bring it to the office with you. Note that the office opens and closes early and is closed on weekends.

The initial request will take a few weeks while the TSA background check is completed. The office should notify Signature when it’s ready. On pick-up you’ll be required to select a five-digit PIN. Make sure to test your badge before you leave.

While there’s no charge for the badge, it expires annually. Renewals require the same verification process, but are processed same-day by the badging office.