The following are the “official” scheduling policies. The Club has tried to avoid any hard and fast rules for scheduling. Members are therefore requested to use common sense and common courtesy when scheduling so we can keep it that way.

No scheduling more than 30 days in advance. This helps ensure that everyone has a fair shot at scheduling. If you feel that you have a valid reason or extenuating circumstances, or have a vacation that will make the rest of us jealous, contact the Board.

No Member may schedule an aircraft for more than seven consecutive days without first obtaining permission from the Board. If the Board feels that your trip will be fun enough to warrant a variance, they may decide to join you!

If you cannot fly your schedule, please cancel your reservation and notify the club ASAP so that another Member can take advantage of the slot.

If you finish early, please end your reservation early and notify the club. AircraftClub’s mobile website allows you to do this quickly and easily.

Be flexible when possible. Things happen and it’s nice if we can accommodate each other when unexpected scheduling changes or conflicts arise. Most Members are happy to change schedules or planes if they can.

If you’ll be late returning, it is important that you notify the club (especially the person scheduled after you!) to let them know where you are and see more ideas here when you expect to return.

Be considerate when scheduling. Don’t schedule ahead multiple weekends or all the prime time (after work, weekends, holidays, etc).

By observing these policies, all members should have a fair opportunity to fly frequently and to get a plane on most days they want.

Checking In and Out

On check-in, verify that the tach and Hobbs meters are correct. If you’re departing from the hangar and plan to be gone overnight, please close them again before you leave.

On returning:

For painted surfaces (such as wing leading edges), spray down with water to soften up bug debris and wipe them down with the white terrycloth towels.

For the windshield and windows, use the Pledge and wipe down with the microfiber cloths. If the clothes are still fairly clean, hang it up to dry. If they’re dirty or touch the ground, please place in the collection bins. No ammonia-based cleaners (e.g. Windex) as plexiglass is sensitive to it.

Please clean out any trash inside the planes and try to take it with you. The trashcans in the hangars are not emptied frequently, and so leaving trash, especially food trash, invites pests.