April 24, 2017

Major Equipment Upgrades!

Major equipment upgrades are now underway for our Warrior and Archer.

The club has purchased a FreeFlight Ranger 978 ADS-B system which will installed in our Archer shortly.  Our new ADS-B “in/out” system integrates with our existing Garmin 430W GPS to provide real time traffic and weather updates.  It includes a WiFi access point that enables tablet applications to display weather and traffic information.

ADS-B provides an additional layer of safety by directly communicating our location and velocity vector to both ground ATC facilities and directly  to other ADS-B 978 equipped aircraft, independently of ground based systems.

The club is in the process of purchasing a Garmin GTN 650 WAAS GPS as well as an STEC-20 Autopilot for our Warrior.   The GTN-650 is a state-of-the-art  IFR approved aviation  GPS which implements the latest advances in user interface design and high accuracy positioning.   When this upgrade is complete all three of our airplanes will be equipped with both autopilots and IFR approved GPS devices.