Join the Club!

Joining the Chandelle Flying Club is the best way to have easy access to light aircraft in the Central Texas Area.  Based in Austin, TX at the Austin Bergstrom Airport (KAUS), Chandelle Flying Club offers an excellent alternative to renting an airplane from a flight school.  Pilots who belong to the club fly cheaper than renting an aircraft from a flight school and our policies allow greater flexibility and options when flying.

Even if you are not currently a pilot and are interested in learning to fly, the Chandelle Flying Club is a cheaper alternative than a local flight school.  Once you are a member, you can work with any certified flight instructor towards your private pilot certificate in our aircraft.  This is a less expensive option to learn to fly than anywhere else in Austin, TX.

Joining the Chandelle Flying Club is easy to do.   When you decide to join the club we will put you in contact with the members of our club who are currently interested in selling their shares.   They will work with you to negotiate a sales price of their share.  The sale of a share of the club is completely between the buyer and the seller.  Chandelle Flying Club does not set the price.   Once the purchase of the share is complete, you are now a full member of the Chandelle Flying Club for as long as you want to be.  You are free to sell your share to another person at any time for any price that you can.   Note, new members are interviewed by the board of directors before a share transfer can be completed.

If you are interested in joining the best Flying Club in Central Texas, contact us today!