April 24, 2017

February 6 2013 – Board of Directors Meeting

The Club had a routine Board of Directors Meeting on February 6.  The official minutes will be published to members, in the mean time here are some highlights from the meeting:

1) Our President arranged a fuel discount from Signature that will reduce hourly rates approximately $10/hour.   In return the Board is asking members to please refuel ‘to the tabs’ at Signature when possible after their flights.  In general the current management at Signature has been extremely helpful to our members and wants to iron out any kinks and concerns we may encounter from time to time.

2) Requirements for hanger and ramp access were reviewed.

3) The Cardinal maintenance team has selected the either the Insight G2 or Insight G3 to replace the ancient EGT gauge in the Cardinal.

4) The Archer maintenance team plans to have the prop dynamically balanced in the near future.  The new interior for the Archer will be delayed until after the Cardinal engine  overhaul and Archer annual are completed to avoid having both planes down at once.

5) The President desires that we start thinking and discussing the long term future of the club with the hopes of coming up with a planning road map.

6) Some board members suggested that our club tends to ‘keep its light under a basket’, and discussed ways to publicize the club to the central Texas aviation community.

7) There was some discussion of the AOPA flying club initiative, but no direct contact with the AOPA has occurred on this topic yet.