April 24, 2017

July 2013: Ramp Access, Cleanups and aircraft updates!

The club has decided to periodically have our airplanes professionally cleaned and polished, in addition to our member ‘plane wash’ events.

All three airplanes share the same Scheme Designers custom paint design, and we want these airplanes to shine!

A group of members recently cleaned up our three T-hangers, removing some trash and in general tidying up the places. It’s wonderful having all three planes in adjacent hangers at KAUS.

Speaking of our hangers, more members are taking advantage of the ramp access privileges available through Signature Flight Support and the City of Austin Aviation department. This program allows members to access the t-hangers with their automobiles using an airport ID badge and gate access code. Members must pass a TSA background check to obtain t-hanger access.

Valet parking at the Signature terminal is still available to members at no extra cost.

Last but not least, Archer maintenance officer Loren has devoted many hours of his time to choose a vendor to perform a major refurbishment and update of the interior of our Archer.  The Archer will shortly be ferried to Air West Interiors at the West Houston Airport.  Loren’s goal is to have the Archer back with its new interior prior to the Warrior’s late August annual.

2013 has been an exciting year for the Chandelle Flying Club, our officers, board, and members having to working hard to make a great club even better.  You can see the results on the flight line!

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