April 24, 2017

Cardinal Interior Job Approved

Last Oct 2013, the Membership approved installing a new leather interior into our Cardinal C177 RG. The interior will be installed in the second half of April 2014. After which, we will have the cleanest and nicest looking C177RG flying! Just one of the many reasons why Chandelle Flying Club is the best way to fly general aviation in the Austin, TX area!

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This has been a great year for Chandelle Flying Club. We have welcomed a large number of new members to our club. There is no better or cheaper way to Fly General Aviation in the Austin Area.

Please use the ‘Contact a Member’ button for more information.  Our New Member Liaison volunteer can answer general questions about the club and the status of any shares that might be for sale.

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Chandelle Flying Club Video – TE96 Mission

Aug 30th, 2013 we embarked on a mission to drop our Warrior N8165C off at Crosswinds Airpark (TE96) for it’s annual Inspection.    We flew our Archer N31969 to ferry our other pilot back.  This is a great example of Flying General Aviation Aircraft in the Austin, TX Area.

You Tube Video – TE96 Mission


Learn to Fly in Austin, TX!

Learn to Fly with Chandelle Flying Club in Austin, TX!  Joining Chandelle Flying club to learn to fly is an alternative to a traditional flight school.  Once you have joined the club, you can work with any local Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) to earn your Private Pilots License.  Contact us today about Joining the Club!

Cardinial’s New Engine

We are proud to annouce that our C177 RG (8935G) has a freshly TBO engine installed.  We are quickly approaching 30 hours of time on the engine.  Until we reach the 30 hour mark, some special limitations apply to flying.  No Slow Flight, Touch & Go’s etc.  Be sure to check with the Maintenance Officer for details before your next flight.