April 24, 2017

Warrior gets State-of-Art Avionics

Our PA-28 Warrior is now flying with state-of-the-art equipment! We’ve installed a Garmin 650 IFR approved touch screen GPS/COM/NAV unit, an STEC Autopilot, and a new Garmin audio panel!

Combined with its 160 horsepower engine upgrade our Warrior is now a great flying machine, perfect for cross countries and IFR training!

Major Equipment Upgrades!

Major equipment upgrades are now underway for our Warrior and Archer.

The club has purchased a FreeFlight Ranger 978 ADS-B system which will installed in our Archer shortly.  Our new ADS-B “in/out” system integrates with our existing Garmin 430W GPS to provide real time traffic and weather updates.  It includes a WiFi access point that enables tablet applications to display weather and traffic information.

ADS-B provides an additional layer of safety by directly communicating our location and velocity vector to both ground ATC facilities and directly  to other ADS-B 978 equipped aircraft, independently of ground based systems.

The club is in the process of purchasing a Garmin GTN 650 WAAS GPS as well as an STEC-20 Autopilot for our Warrior.   The GTN-650 is a state-of-the-art  IFR approved aviation  GPS which implements the latest advances in user interface design and high accuracy positioning.   When this upgrade is complete all three of our airplanes will be equipped with both autopilots and IFR approved GPS devices.


The Cardinal has a new interior

And it’s spectacular!


interior baggage panel The seats are recovered, all the plastic has been replaced or repaired.  The instrument panel has been repaired and repainted.  Combined with our professionally maintained Scheme Designer paint job, our recent Penn Yan overhauled engine, and our new IFR GPS we now have one the best Cardinals flying in the world!

New GPS!

Our Cardinal now has a nice refurbished KLN-94, installed by Pippen York.  This unit is a big improvement over the KLN-89b that it replaced.

The 89b is still a useful GPS, so it has been moved to our Warrior, replacing the ancient Northstar GPS/Loran unit.  These upgrades are a good example of the CFC tradition of keeping our planes up to date in sensible and economical ways.

A Flying Club Band

Taking off from Austin, Texas, The Flying Club performs an original
mix of American, Brazilian and other pop music influences. A talented
group of players propels The Flying Club’s fresh combination of soul,
samba and funk: Vocalist Liz Morphis, guitarist Paul Mercurio, bassist
Rudy Eccles and drummer Bruce Popky.

The Flying Club was founded by Bruce Popky, a friend of Chandelle
member Jennifer Whitley. Having listened to Jen talk about Chandelle
for years, Bruce found many commonalities between a flying club and a
band when it came time to name his group. You have a collection of
exceptionally talented and strong-willed individuals who come together
to make something cooler than any one of them could create on their
own. That’s what the band, and our club, does every day.


July 2013: Ramp Access, Cleanups and aircraft updates!

The club has decided to periodically have our airplanes professionally cleaned and polished, in addition to our member ‘plane wash’ events.

All three airplanes share the same Scheme Designers custom paint design, and we want these airplanes to shine!

A group of members recently cleaned up our three T-hangers, removing some trash and in general tidying up the places. It’s wonderful having all three planes in adjacent hangers at KAUS.

Speaking of our hangers, more members are taking advantage of the ramp access privileges available through Signature Flight Support and the City of Austin Aviation department. This program allows members to access the t-hangers with their automobiles using an airport ID badge and gate access code. Members must pass a TSA background check to obtain t-hanger access.

Valet parking at the Signature terminal is still available to members at no extra cost.

Last but not least, Archer maintenance officer Loren has devoted many hours of his time to choose a vendor to perform a major refurbishment and update of the interior of our Archer.  The Archer will shortly be ferried to Air West Interiors at the West Houston Airport.  Loren’s goal is to have the Archer back with its new interior prior to the Warrior’s late August annual.

2013 has been an exciting year for the Chandelle Flying Club, our officers, board, and members having to working hard to make a great club even better.  You can see the results on the flight line!

Archer annual nearing completion (3/13/2013)

Our maintenance team reports that the Archer’s annual inspection is complete with no significant issues.  Our shop recommended that we engage them to perform a check of the magneto system.  This check isn’t required, but is highly recommended every 500 hours.  Once this check is performed the Archer should return to our flight line.

Archer and Warrior Status Updates

Mx Officer Loren reports that our A&P has replaced the Archer starter solenoid, and that he is taking the Warrior to ACS at Taylor to have the #2 radio issues addressed.

February 6 2013 – Board of Directors Meeting

The Club had a routine Board of Directors Meeting on February 6.  The official minutes will be published to members, in the mean time here are some highlights from the meeting:

1) Our President arranged a fuel discount from Signature that will reduce hourly rates approximately $10/hour.   In return the Board is asking members to please refuel ‘to the tabs’ at Signature when possible after their flights.  In general the current management at Signature has been extremely helpful to our members and wants to iron out any kinks and concerns we may encounter from time to time.

2) Requirements for hanger and ramp access were reviewed.

3) The Cardinal maintenance team has selected the either the Insight G2 or Insight G3 to replace the ancient EGT gauge in the Cardinal.

4) The Archer maintenance team plans to have the prop dynamically balanced in the near future.  The new interior for the Archer will be delayed until after the Cardinal engine  overhaul and Archer annual are completed to avoid having both planes down at once.

5) The President desires that we start thinking and discussing the long term future of the club with the hopes of coming up with a planning road map.

6) Some board members suggested that our club tends to ‘keep its light under a basket’, and discussed ways to publicize the club to the central Texas aviation community.

7) There was some discussion of the AOPA flying club initiative, but no direct contact with the AOPA has occurred on this topic yet.

Cardinal Engine Overhaul

Our Cardinal, N8035G, is currently in maintenance for installation of a factory overhauled Lycoming IO-360 engine.   As part of the overhaul the current four probe LCD EGT gauge will be replaced with a graphic engine analyzer and fuel totalizer.

This overhaul was primarily funded by the overhaul reserve fund accumulated since we acquired this airplane.