April 24, 2017

A Vote to keep the Cardindal RG

After months of debate, the Chandelle shareholders met at the Comfort Suites this Thursday evening and voted to keep (or not sell) the Cardinal. The motion to sell the Cardinal required 2/3  of the shareholders approval. 12 shareholders voted yes and 12 members voted no.

The debate stems largely from the low usage of the plane. It was reported that the club put less that 70 hours on the engine last year. As a variable pitched aircraft with retractible landing gear, pilots must be certified in Complex Aircraft and to fly the Cardinal RG, our insurance requires that shareholders have 3 hours of logged time within the preceding 180 days in the same make and model.

At $102/hour (or $130/hour if you don’t gas up offsite), the Cardinal is 1/2 the price of a rental of a similar Complex Aircraft. For anyone thinking of getting their complex aircraft rating, it’s a great time to join Chandelle. There are two members selling their shares, so contact us if you are interested.