April 24, 2017

A Flying Club Band

Taking off from Austin, Texas, The Flying Club performs an original
mix of American, Brazilian and other pop music influences. A talented
group of players propels The Flying Club’s fresh combination of soul,
samba and funk: Vocalist Liz Morphis, guitarist Paul Mercurio, bassist
Rudy Eccles and drummer Bruce Popky.

The Flying Club was founded by Bruce Popky, a friend of Chandelle
member Jennifer Whitley. Having listened to Jen talk about Chandelle
for years, Bruce found many commonalities between a flying club and a
band when it came time to name his group. You have a collection of
exceptionally talented and strong-willed individuals who come together
to make something cooler than any one of them could create on their
own. That’s what the band, and our club, does every day.